Samantha Steenkamp

On 17 September 2004 I commissioned Mr. Christian Botha to conduct a preliminary investigation into the disappearance of my father, Mr. Alec Steenkamp. My father went missing on 16 September 1996. Due to an uncooperative and appealing Police Force, no leads had ever been followed up on and the case had been put aside like thousands of others.

Mr. Botha had advised before being commissioned that due to the number of years since my father’s disappearance, this would be an expensive and possibly fruitless exercise. mr. Botha attempted to dissuade me, as he did not want to see a good person throw good money after bad. Realising my determination, he agreed to take on the case.

On 11 October 2004, Mr. Botha provided me with a report on both his preliminary investigation and subsequent work. In a very detailed report, he provided me with names, addresses and telephone numbers of individuals he had been in contact with. His findings thus far proved that there was evidence, beyond a doubt, that he knew where my father’s body was buried. Within a few days, Mr. Botha had obtained the necessary Court Order and secured the relevant authorities in order to dig up the backyard where he believed my father to be buried.

Mr. Botha has conducted himself professionally and competently throughout this investigation. He invested all his energy into this investigation and has been 100 % thorough throughout. Mr. Botha has provided my family with complete peace of mind and closure on a matter that has haunted us for many years. Even after the investigation, Mr. Botha has stayed inc contact and been available whenever necessary.

It is perplexing to know that several Police Officers could not come up with any answers to an uncomplicated and gruesome murder investigation in an eight year period, yet it took one man a matter of weeks.

I will always be indebted to mr. Botha who I have become to consider part of my family and a very good friend.

Kind regards,
Samantha Steenkamp
New York City, USA


Letter from Samantha Steenkamp


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