Lynn Salzwedel

On 26 August 2009, my mom, Norma Rosley, was murdered in her home in Rondebosch, Cape Town. The SAPS proved to be completely and utterly incompetent. We soon realised that the only way to apprehend the culprit would be to hire private investigators. In November we hired a Cape Town based private investigation company after they were recommended to us by a high ranking SAPS officer. After 3 months we realised that no progress had been made and we subsequently removed them from the case!

On 28 February 2010, we approached Christian Botha and enquired as to whether he would be willing to take on this case which was by now 6 months old. Christian contacted the investigating officer to discuss the case so that he could make a decision on whether to take on this case or not. Armed with the exact same information that the police and Cape Town PI’s had, he did a preliminary investigation from his East London office. he then proceeded to Cape Town together with his right hand man, Frans. Within 4 days, they apprehended the murderer and had him detained at Pollsmoor Prison where he confessed to committing the crime.

It is mind boggling tithing that after 6 months with not a single lead by the police and Cape Town PI’s, Christian Botha could come along and solve this murder case in a mere matter of days! We as a family have witnessed Christian’s obvious passion for his work, and his drive, determination, resilience and excitement in his quest to obtain results is something to be behold. We found that he kind of put himself in our position and nothing was going to stop him. It was as if it had become personal to him.

To anyone who may suffer the same or a similar misfortune to which our family has, please do not hesitate in contacting Christian Botha. The SAPS have proven that they are a waste of time and we have no doubt that had Christian been on the case from the start, the murderer would have been arrested within 24 hours.

We finally had closure and will forever be indebted to Christian and Frans whom we now consider to be our friends.

Thank you Christian,
God Bless

Lynn Salzwedel
Russell Worsley
Sandra Kruger


Letter from Lynn Salzwedal


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