From the files of Christian Botha, South Africa’s foremost Private Investigator By Chip Michie

Got a murder you need solving? A loved one missing for months or years? Theft, fraud or corruption in your business? Need to know who that person really is? Looking for your real mom? Someone raped your daughter? SA police and authorities can’t help you? You are hijacked and no suspect is apprehended? Years roll by and your case still isn’t solved? Call in Christian Botha of East London – South Africa’s own super sleuth and private investigator supreme.

He’s got the nose, the methods and the passion for crime busting that make him almost always sure to get his man – or woman! For him it’s not a career but a calling, a vocation, something he just HAS to do, something he passionately believes in – justice and finding the right perpetrator even years after the crime.

How does he do it? Do his court cases stick? What are his special secrets? This is his story and some of his most interesting cases, solved over a crime-cracking career of more than 20 years. Trained in South Africa, America and England, when the SA cops can’t do it – call in Christian Botha.

Here, in his first book, The Shallow Grave and Other True Crime Stories from the Files of Christian Botha, by Chip Michie, are some of his most famous and most recent cases. Read how he handles puzzling cases, his techniques and his methods, and how he cracks cases that have mystified the police for almost a decade in less than a week.

Published by Zebra Press, on the bookshelves in September 2005. Both are available at Exclusive Books Stores nationwide