About Christian Botha


Christian Botha with Devi Sankaree Govender from Carte Blanche


Christian Botha is one of South Africa’s finest and most successful Private Investigators. Aged only 45, he is a fully licensed PI registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority of South Africa, Number 0138614. He has more than ten years of experience in the field.

Christian Botha has solved some of the most intricate and baffling cases in the history modern South African crime. Among them several cases the police had given up almost a decade previously and which Christian Botha solved within weeks.

Using the most up-to-date satellite tracking and computer technology along with good old fashioned tried and tested sleuthing methods and a real nose for sniffing out criminals, Christian Botha usually gets the perpetrator with processes that make all evidence collected for a court case, strong and admissible. Where required he works closely with the police and other intelligence agencies to ensure that the crime is solved and the alleged perpetrator brought before the Judge.

Trained in South Africa and England with some of those countries finest private investigative educators, his methods are dogged, precise, correct, innovative, determined and successful. When he can’t find the suspect or suspects by conventional means, he thinks out of the box and comes up with an innovative solution which leaves one gasping with its logicality and intelligence.

Based in East London, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, Christian Botha takes on a variety of cases.  His specialties are listed on a following page.

His successes are spectacular and consistent.  Very few things rattle him. He is calm, even tempered and largely unexcitable.  He has the vision to see through a situation to get to the heart of it and to work out the most likely way to unravel of the threads of the crime. He is cool under pressure.

Able to speak English, Afrikaans and some Xhosa, Christian Botha has specialized in cases in Southern Africa. His clients, however, come from all corners of the world. It is no sweat for him to locate a family missing for more than 50 years across three continents. To find out why a man was stabbed to death, and who did it. To locate hijackers, find money launderers and scam artists, do background checks on people and companies, find adoptive parents, stem the flood of internal company losses, thefts, fraud, corruption, counter industrial espionage, pre-employment screening and many, many more PI services.

Sometimes instead of finding a malevolent criminal he is called upon to prove a client’s innocence – equally important is the proof of innocence

In the new book about Christian Botha and his true crime cases, The Shallow Grave and Other True Crime Stories: written by Chip Bowring Michie and published by Zebra Press, on the bookshelves in September 2005, several of his interesting cases have been included. Be sure to look out for it and invest in a copy!

Christian is an expert at finding missing persons. The administrators of Pension funds, provident funds, banks and financial institutions looking for missing or ‘lost’ clients and fund members regularly call on him for his services. His ‘finding’ rate is among the highest in the country. It is very seldom that he is unable to locate a missing person, dead or alive.  To find a murderer or murderers might take time, but Christian will track them down.

Christian Botha’s CV is focused and precise. Like his methods. He doesn’t beat about the bush and will give every case the full blast of his focused attention. Where he is unable to provide the specialized service you might require, such as calling in a pathologist or a pathology laboratory, a doctor or a meteorologist, he will secure the services of the finest practitioners for your case only after full consultation with you.

Brought up in the Transkei, he matriculated in Umtata before entering the Army and seeing service with the Riot Squad in the Dog Handling Unit. Next he became a security officer for Sun International and became the youngest man ever appointed Security Manager for the Group. Training in England followed with four of Scotland Yard’s finest trainers before he returned to South Africa and the world of private investigations. He started his own Agency, Christian Botha Investigations CC, in l999.

Christian Botha is honest, trustworthy and confidential. His methods are both conventional and original as the case demands.

You can rely on him for the very best service. You will be so glad you did.