Widow sees haunting face of suspected killer again

Johannesburg – Margaret Fabris would see her husband’s killer before she fell asleep every night, then 12 years after the murder she saw his face for real staring out of a police line-up. The identification of the alleged shooter is the breakthrough in a cold case that saw a procession of private investigators (PIs) come […]

The ‘Tiger Tiger Five’: Story of a race hoax

On 26 November last year the Cape Times led with the story of a vicious racial attack by a gang of young white youths on a 52-year-old Coloured cleaning lady outside of the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Claremont Cape Town on the night of the 17/18 October 2014. The article by the reporter Carlo Petersen – headed ‘3 […]

Young man has confessed to crime

A man wanted in connection with the murder of an assistant bank manager killed for his cellphone in Amalinda last year was arrested this week. The 20-year-old suspect, Siyabonga Menziwa, was arrested by police on Thursday night at a shack in Bardaton informal settlement in Duncan Village, said Captain Leon Fortune. Fortune said the man […]

The Norma Worsley Case

Norma Worsley, 72, was strangled in her Rondebosch home two years ago, shortly after taking her spaniel Purdy for her daily walk.  The Mowbray police handled the case, but four successive investigating officers failed to track down the killer. Worsley’s children hired a Cape Town security firm which also does criminal investigations, but they also […]

The Harding Case

Botha’s gruesome discovery on September 4 brought an end to her Eastern Cape family’s hopes that the bubbly young woman they called “Koeksie” would be found alive. Although there was little left of her body – just a few bones and teeth – Hamann’s four rings were identified by family members, who broke down when […]

Alec Steenkamp Murder

Credits Article:  Baldwin Ndaba Pictures:  Doug Lee  Courtesy of The Star Alec Steenkamp was murdered with a hammer and buried in a shallow grave. His family waited nine years for justice.  The then Brixton murder and robbery police did not believe Andrea Steenkamp when she insisted her husband’s murderer was the police informant Ken Downey. […]

Man Knifed to Death at Boksburg Lake

Credits Article:  Eddie Botha Courtesy of Daily Dispatch EAST LONDON:  Local private detective Christian Botha, who last year solved a murder mystery that had baffled the police for eight years, has done it again. He recently solved another murder case after the police and two other private detectives were unable to make any headway. And […]

Harry Henman Murder

Credits Article:  Andrew Stone Photo:  Phillip Nothnagel Courtesy of Daiily Dispatch An East London family is accusing the police of gross incompetence for failing to arrest a suspect for the brutal attack and murder of local businessman Harry Henman. His widow, Charlotte Henman, and her son Llewellyn told the Daily Dispatch that police had shown a […]