Brad & Cathryn Jones

Dear Christian,

Finally we have peace of mind, thanks to you! After becoming totally dissatisfied and frustrated with the way the case of my wife’s kidnapping and extortion was being handled, we turned to you, which we should have done months before.

After only a couple of days you managed to confirm our suspicions and made sure that the send kidnapper who had been at large for seven months was rightfully arrested.

You kept us informed at all times of the progress, something which did not happen prior to your involvement.

It was a feeling of absolute relief and assurance to hear so much information and see the case speed up at the pace it did in the few days that you began investigating. Contrary to police reports, we maintain that the accused would still to date not be arrested had you not become involved.

Your enthusiasm and passion for your career are definite contributing factors to your success. We are extremely grateful to you for all you did and for having put our minds at ease after months of worrying and getting nowhere.

We highly recommend your services to any person requiring them. What an absolute pleasure to deal with someone who is so passionate about what he does and who is determined to see justice done.

We can only hope that the kidnappers are given an appropriate sentence.

Thanking you,
Brad & Cathryn Jones


Brad & Cathryn Jones


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